nasal sprayNORMAL SALINE:

1 teaspoon of salt (Rock or Kosher salt can be used)
½ teaspoon of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
In 500 – 600 mls water (+/- warm, +/- boiled)

Your Surgeon may wish to add Antibiotics etc

Solution can be applied via:

1.  NeilMed Sinus rinse Bottles
2.  Sniffed from a cupped hand three times daily
3.  Spray bottle … for example, empty/old “Beconase” bottles can be washed and refilled.  15 – 20 sprays three times a day.
4.  Syringe 20 mls three times daily +/- MAD device
5.  Nose pipe

Frequency of use depends on your surgeon, and condition. It may vary from 1-5x daily… especially immediately after surgery

The nose acts as a filter, humidifier and warmer of inspired air.  Ambient air, let alone that polluted with smoke, dust and other particulate matter can dry the nasal lining.  Trauma (external, surgical, nose picking etc) can worsen this and also lead to crusting +/- bleeding.  Disordered mucosal functioning can then lead to infection (rhinitis/sinusitis).

You may be advised to nasal douche as treatment for:

1. Post nasal drip
2. Epistaxis
3. Sinusitis
4. Nasal Crusting/Ozaena
5. Allergy/Hayfever
6. Nasal Obstruction

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  2. can you douche your nose using soap solution?

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